About Us

     Fletcher Monuments, though new to West Columbia, has a history that spans more than a decade. Back in 1998, the founder, Matthew Fletcher, was teaching computer science in Winnsboro, SC, home of South Carolinas official state stone: Winnsboro Blue Granite; and Phillips Granite Company the state's only remaining full service stone shed. Grady Phillips learned of Fletcher's computer expertise through his eighth grade daughter whom Fletcher taught. Knowing how hard it is to feed a family on a private school salary Phillips offered Fletcher a part-time job running his computer drafting system. Fletcher took to it like a duck takes to water and within two years left education for full time employment in the Monument Industry.

     In the years that followed, Fletcher learned first hand how granite gets from the quarry to the cemetery and all the stages between. His responsibilities grew from strictly drafting to include management of the carving department, purchasing supplies, answering phones, customer service, and running a polishing mill.

     In 2005 Fletcher moved with has wife and daughters back to West Columbia where he grew up. Both his parents and his church family were there already, so he joined the ranks of commuters. Then came the gas crunch.

     Highspeed Internet solved the commuting problem. Now Fletcher is able to work from a home office, do drafting for Phillips Granite Company (or anyone else for that matter), and handle direct sales to friends and neighbors in the midlands.

     We hope you find the information in the website helpful when it comes time to select your stone. We would love to guide you through the process and serve your need for monument, sign, or historical marker. Thanks for dropping by!

One could categorize our services as follows:

Classic Layout
Classic designs are those found in design catalogs. At Fletcher Monuments we have access to the largest online design catalog. We are equipped to deliver any type of monument, granite sign, or historical marker anywhere in the southeast. We are associated with the best artisans, suppliers, and installers in The Carolinas and Georgia.

Match Rubbings
Matching existing stones is our specialty. For over ten years, we have been matching rubbings and photos of existing monuments. We take careful notice of the type of stone, color, shape, size, finish, letter style, carving, and type of lithochrome. In the event that a particular stone is no longer available due to, for example, the closure of a quarry, we will make every effort to find an appropriate substitute. Head over to my portfolio for an example.

Custom Designs
Custom designs are simply any combination of design elements not seen in any single form elsewhere. At Fletcher Monuments, we can put together a monument by tastefully mixing, matching, adding or subtracting features as needed to fit either your design preference or budgetary limitations. Start with a classic design or existing stone then, add polish, change the color, substitute carvings, or even duplicate original artwork. We will work closely with you throughout the design process keeping you informed of how each option you choose affects the cost of manufacturing. Then, before your monument goes into production, we will provide a scale drawing using industry specific software so that ''What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get.'' Visit my portfolio for examples.
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