Monument Services in West Columbia, SC

granite maintenanceGrave markers and civic memorials are an important way to honor the dead and the histories that came before us. When it comes to these monuments, they deserve to be crafted with care and maintained diligently.

At Fletcher Monuments, we dedicate ourselves to monuments, memorials and headstones in West Columbia, SC, in every capacity they demand.

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We work with both granite and marble, creating and maintaining testaments of love and remembrance of all types. Some of the most common products we work with include:

  • Monuments
  • Memorials
  • Headstones/gravestones
  • Signage
  • *In addition, we also offer columbariums for ashes/urns, as well.

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laser granite etching

When it comes to monument services, we’re the only company you’ll ever need to call. Whether you’re creating a truly unique headstone or need maintenance or repairs for an aged one, we’re honored to lend a hand.

  • Design

    We offer multiple fonts and granite choices to help you customize your monument in the exact style you envision. We take the time to make sure we’re designing a monument that stands in memorial as a truly unique remembrance.

  • Install

    Leave the installation to us. We carefully and neatly install tombstones in West Columbia, SC, as well as all other monuments we design. We’ll make sure it looks perfect and is installed firmly to prevent premature shifting or movement.

  • Repair

    Damaged monuments need a professional touch to restore their appearance and integrity. We can repair damages and blemishes, breathing new life into monuments that have succumbed to weathering or accidents.

  • Maintenance

    Monuments need love and attention over time to stave off weathering and damages. Let us make sure your monument gets maintenance as needed, such as base adjustments, retouching and more.

  • Cleaning

    We carefully clean monuments using National Park approved cleaner, stripping away dirt and organic growth to bring the beauty of the material back to the surface. Our team takes special pride in erasing the age of a monument to reveal its true appearance and message.