This is our portfolio. Here you will find a gallery of some of our previous work. Click on the photos for an enlarged view.

Single Tablet and Base

Quaker Cemetery, Camden, South Carolina Trinity Cathedral
Columbia, SC

Companion Tablet and Base

Family Name Tablets

These stones require footstones for each grave.

Custom Design

This is an example of custom design. The client was interested in the shape of the monument in the image to the left, but preferred the carving in the middle image. We designed a new, custom monument with elements of both.
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Here, the customer wanted to use some of the features from their father's monument and some features from another stone nearby. We were able to combine different shapes with like finishes. Furthermore, note the artwork on the back of his single tablet. The artwork was derived from an original pen and ink drawing of the artist's trademark.

Matched Rubbing

In this case, the family chose to use a gothic top monolith for each individual in the family plot. We were able to duplicate the color, size, shape and finish as well as the intricate carving of the celtic cross.

Large Signs

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