Monument Pricing Guide

All prices are based on Blue Gray Granite with standard tops and ends and average lettering. Installation is extra and depends on location. This overview is intended to help you understand where prices begin. Special options, such as colored stones, photographs, etchings, added polish, and special shapes will be priced accordingly.

Flat Markers

$ 235.00
These stones are usually 2'-0'' x 1'-0'' x 0'-4'' and are set flat to the ground with letters on top. A polished border does not affect the price. You may add a carving for as little as $50.

Bevel Markers

$ 275.00
Like flat markers, Bevels are usually 2'-0'' x 1'-0'' on the face, but at least 6 inches thick in the back giving the stone a gentle slope.

Slant Markers

$ 475.00
Slants vary in thickness and height, but most are 2'-0'' x 0'-10'' x 1'-4''. This option is like the Bevel marker, but the lettered surface is angled more sharply.

Granite Bases for Bronze

Flat $ 285
Bronze plaques may be mounted on Flat, Bevel, and Slant Markers. Bevel $ 345
Slant $ 400

Flat, Bevel, and Slant markers are all available in companion sizes as well.

Single Tablet and Base Combo

$450 Child size, $650 Adult size
The most common form of an upright monument consists of an upright stone (tablet) on a base. This price reflects carving and lettering on the front only. However, carving and lettering of other surfaces, special shapes, colors, and finishes are available with custom design and will be priced accordingly.

Companion Tablet and Base

starting at $1250.00
A Companion stone marks 2 or more graves. Starting dimensions are given below:
Tablet : 3'-6'' Wide, 0'-6'' Thick, and 2'-0'' High
Base : 4'-6'' Wide, 1'-0'' Thick, and 0'-6'' High


Coping is a frame of granite installed around a grave plot. The frame is filled with gravel or sod. The starting price given here includes installation:
Single Plot of Coping$ 785.00
Double Plot of Coping$ 1200.00


$ 1350.00
This is sometimes called a ''slab,'' but it would be more correctly identified as a Ledger. This is a large flat surface that covers the grave. The length and width vary greatly, but are typically 3 feet by 6 feet.

Vases are available starting at $88 in a wide variety of finishes, colors, and prices.
Pot Holders are available for $85. This product is recommended over vases for several reasons. They cost less than vases. They hold standard 6'' live or silk arrangements, and, because they are at ground level, they do not look abandoned when empty.

Corner Posts $ 38 (each) Customer Pick Up / $50 Installed
Footstones $ 60 (each) Customer Pick Up / $75 Installed
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