Monument Selection Guide

Selecting a monument that reflects a personal taste and specific need can be challenging. At Fletcher Monuments, we take the time to listen. Then we employ over ten years experience in monument manufacturing to provide you with just the right combination of design elements to capture the memory of those you love... at a price you can afford. Using this simple guide will help you get started.



Consider where the monument will go. Many cemeteries and graveyards have restrictions that limit the style, color, or size of the monument you may place on the grounds. It's important to know what those limitations are before we begin.


Type of Stone

Decide if you need a single, companion, or a family name stone. Family name stones in combination with foot-stones can be used to mark a number of graves in the same vicinity.



Select the color that most appeals to you. We handle stone from all over the world and can provide you with a wide variety from which to choose. Keep in mind that the color of the stone you select can affect the overall price dramatically. Also, etchings work best on darker stones while carvings go well on any color (see examples).

Below are sample images of the different colors of granite stones we offer. They are arranged from the least expensive at the top to most expensive at the bottom. These are but a few. More colors are available.

Dark Blue

Light Blue

Pink Pearl

Morning Rose

Salisbury Pink

Silver Cloud

Autumn Rose

American Black

Flash Black

Canadian Mahogany

Dakota Mahogany

Select Jet Black


Special Features

Set the monument apart by adding special shape or extra polish. Margins, shoulders, and special contours once thought impractical if not impossible have, by way of modern stone cutting methods, moved into the realm of the possible. As with colors, however, expect fancy features to be reflected in the price. We are able to modify complex designs so that they are both tasteful and more affordable.



Choose an etching or carving that suits. Most designs contain symbols that reflect the faith of those we want to remember. For example, grape leaves and grapes symbolize the Last Supper; ivy- eternal life, open book panels- the book of life. Some reflect their personal interests or favorite themes. Remember that monuments are tributes to those who have gone before, and reminders to those yet to follow. (Joshua 4: 21-24)
Etched Stone
Carved Stone



Lettering a stone is by far the most important element in making a monument. Size of letter and length of name dictate how many letters will fit in given spaces. Scripture references, maiden names, service records, marriage dates, genealogies are important and good. However neither color, shape, size, nor price reflect more about an individual than their name and dates. The simplest of monuments when properly spelled is always a fitting tribute. We at Fletcher Monuments want nothing more than to help you provide a proper tribute.



Payment is generally made up front at the time of the order. Some prefer to pay half down and the balance before installation. Either option is acceptable.
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